May 30, 2018

Cancer Awareness and Prevention with Lifestyle
Human Biology is far more complicated than we imagine. Cells in our body are supposed to function and grow in a particular manner. In the process they are likely to become abnormal. Cancer is unrestricted growth of as abnormal cell. Cells get into abnormal cycle in two stages(medically ‘two hit theory’). One abnormal cell formation where in there is a genetic change in the cell (called mutation). These cancer cells have changes in the gene. These changes are related in 10 to 15% with inherent genetic abnormality , and 80 to 85% with environmental mainly lifestyle related risk factors.With mutation there is initiation processes. At any given point of time it is scary to think that there are many initiated cells in the body. In the presence of good body immunity these cells are either killed or made to remain in static phase. In the absence good immunity or presence high risk factors ( poor lifestyle) these cells get into promotion phase to get into cancer cycle. Once these cells grow excessively they start spreading through blood vessels and lymphatics.

It sounds bizarre, but lifestyle could be secret weapon against cancer. We humans have capacity to control our lifestyle for better, than any other living beings. There is a need to restrict environmental influence on us with knowledge. We need give space and time to maintain our body and mind. We need to be focused about maintaining our own body like how we take care of anything we are passionate about. It is easy to get addicted to bad lifestyle. But if we make good lifestyle a part of our routine the body gets good of everything we do. The lifestyle related factors include cigarette smoking, diet ( fried foods and red meat), alcohol , sun exposure,infections, stress, obesity, environmental pollutants, and physical activity. Therefore Cancer prevention requires smoking cessation , increased ingestion of fruits and vegetables, moderate use of alcohol, calorie restriction, exercise, minimal meat consumption, use of whole grains, use of vaccination, and regular check ups. By choosing the healthiest lifestyle options possible, you can empower yourself and make sure your cancer risk is as low as possible.

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