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Cancer Q&A

Why cancer is becoming so common nowadays?

After the industrial revolution, we are all exposed to multiple chemical agents. From the food we eat, to the polluted water we drink, to the toxic air we breathe. All toxins cause multiple small mutations. Depending on each person’s ability to repair the mutations, we either develop cancerous or non-cancerous mutations. Hence the rise of cancer incidence.

Can men get breast cancer & what are chances of it?

Incidence of men getting CA breast is 0.5 to 1.5 per 100 women. Most are due to BRCA mutations.

What is the meaning & survival rate of triple negative breast cancer?

TNBC is when the hormonal markers Estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor and the HER2/neu markers are absent in the biopsy sample of the tumour.

It encompasses 30-35%of all breast cancer. 5-year Survival in TNBC is 77% vs 93% in the rest of the cancers.

Can pesticide sprays across community lead to cancer?

Pesticides spray can lead to various cancers like pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer and some forms of leukaemia.

What does anastrozole do for breast cancer? Is chemotherapy more harmful than cancer?

Anastrazole is a hormonal agent used in post-menopausal women with breast cancer in whom their cancer tissue expresses the Estrogen receptor or progesterone receptor.

Chemotherapy has more acute and chronic side effects compared to Anastrazole. Yet Chemotherapy is required in many situations to kill the tumour cells in the initial treatment program.

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh has over 18 years of experience in surgical oncology and laparoscopic surgery. She is currently a visiting consultant in both Apollo Spectra Hospitals and Sakra World Hospital. She has operated many film stars & VIPS, both at regional and national level.