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Patient First Approach

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh’s chief calling is that of a surgeon which provides her with a platform to serve people who are ill. Given the broad range of experience particularly with St. John’s hospital, where she served as an associate professor for a period of 4 years, Dr. Nanda has had the unique opportunity of interacting with patients coming from different socio-economic strata that binds her to her patients and their family in more ways than one.

A keen observer and a listener, she particularly understands the emotions and feelings related to an illness in the family and very often identifies herself with the relative of the patient. Empathy comes naturally to her. This has been particularly responsible in her building bridges with her patients with varying backgrounds, which in a way gives a personal touch to her interface with each individual patient.

As a keen learner, Dr. Nanda has used this opportunity to develop interpersonal skills that bind her to her patients and their family in more ways than one. She epitomises energy and happiness that is infectious. Her ability to make each of her clients feel special and important to her has been an asset which has helped her to broad base her clients by references through her patients and acquaintances.

According to her, patients and their families are her brand ambassadors and have stood by her at all times.