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Achieving Work Life Balance

Like most career women, Dr. Nanda balances her career and home with a formula that helps her to give her best to the two worlds that she is an integral part of. With unstinting support from her husband and his family, complemented with professional help at the domestic front, Dr. Nanda balances home and her career with enormous ease and composure that would be an envy to any working women or for that matter working men who have in more recent times making a serious attempt to balance career and home as responsible fathers. The constant quest and challenge in the career of Dr. Nanda is the ability to face medical complications that lead to the death of the patient. While she acknowledges that this may be few for a successful surgeon, but the number of surgeries performed during one’s career will not allow one to free themselves from this situation. She says that this challenge is a part of the profession. But to her, dealing with this challenge is a constant battle and she would want to find a way to come to terms with it. She says she does not want a medical complication, but when it comes it is hard to take it and one must learn to deal with it.

An extremely pleasing personality, her confidence, humility and human touch governed by medical ethics, this is what characterises Dr. Nanda, who is a unique combination of a surgeon with a lion’s heart and ladies finger.