Past Career
Worked at HCG Hospital as a consultant for past 8 years

Present Career
Consultant in Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center (Narayana Hrudayalaya Health center)
Dept. of Oncology (6th floor) No. 258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Hosur Road,
Bangalore. (Contact- Usha: 9686912600).

Also supports laparoscopic gynecological surgeries in Motherhood Hospital from the past 1 year.

Dr. Nanda is consultant in Apollo Spectra Hospital.

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh is a consultant surgical oncologist at Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd. for the last five years. Here, she practices gastrointestinal surgical oncology, laparoscopic surgery, and breast cancers.

Simultaneously, Dr. Nanda has also been contributing to the medical research forefront through research articles published in indexed journals, paper presented at the national and international level, and through chapters in books. Her keen interest in research has made it possible for her to combine practice along with research in ways that very few surgeons have been able to do in the profession. She has been invited as a speaker at several conferences. As a member of several prominent medical associations such as Vice President of the Colorectal Association, Executive Member of Laparoscopy Association of India, Member of the Association of Surgeons of India, AMASICON, IAGS, Medi Tel India, Association of Colorectal Surgeons, her contributions have been substantial.

In spite of the diversity of her role, Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh’s chief calling is that of a surgeon which provides her with a platform to serve people who are ill. Given the broad range of experience particularly with St. John’s hospital, where she served as an associate professor for a period of 4 years, Dr. Nanda has had the unique opportunity of interacting with patients coming from different socio-economic strata.

A keen observer and a listener, Dr. Nanda understood very early the difference in the reference points for the family of the patient and the surgeon: for the former the reference point was always the patient, while for the latter the patient was just one of many they interacted with, during the course of their profession. This unique difference has been the guiding principle of her interaction with her clients and patients. She particularly understands the emotions and feelings related to an illness in the family and very often identifies herself with the relative of the patient. This gives her the unique ability to empathize and relate to the patient and their relatives, which in a way gives a personal touch to her interface with each individual patient.

As a keen learner, Dr. Nanda has used this opportunity to develop interpersonal skills that bind her to her patients and their family in more ways than one. It will not be an over statement when one says that it will be very difficult for any patient to forget his/her interaction with Dr. Nanda and her natural chirpy self. She epitomizes energy and happiness that is infectious. Empathy comes naturally to her. This has been particularly responsible in her building bridges with her patients with varying backgrounds. Her ability to make each of her clients feel special and important to her has been an asset which has helped her to broad base her clients by references through her patients and acquaintances.

According to her, patients and their families are her brand ambassadors and have stood by her at all times. Excellence has been a passion for Dr. Nanda, with which she undertook any activity. This passion for excellence has been the trait that has seen her through her years of successful professional life both as a surgeon, an administrator and as a leader in the profession. To her, only she is her closest competitor. Her goal in life is to get better in all spheres every day with her previous point as her reference. It is this unique ability that has been responsible for her to network with several doctors and consultants in her profession who are both younger and older in the profession.

Like most career women, Dr. Nanda balances her career and home with a formula that helps her to give her best to the two worlds that she is an integral part of. With unstinting support from her husband and his family, complemented with professional help at the domestic front, Dr. Nanda balances home and her career with enormous ease and composure that would be an envy to any working women or for that matter working men who have in more recent times making a serious attempt to balance career and home as responsible fathers. The constant quest and challenge in the career of Dr. Nanda is the ability to face medical complications that lead to the death of the patient. While she acknowledges that this may be few for a successful surgeon, but the number of surgeries performed during one’s career will not allow one to free themselves from this situation. She says that this challenge is a part of the profession. But to her, dealing with this challenge is a constant battle and she would want to find a way to come to terms with it. She says she does not want a medical complication, but when it comes it is hard to take it and one must learn to deal with it.

An extremely pleasing personality, her confidence, humility and human touch governed by medical ethics, this is what characterizes Dr. Nanda, who is a unique combination of a surgeon with a lion’s heart and ladies finger.

“Pink Hope” a book written by Beena on breast cancer journey of her mother and patient, Sara is dedicated to Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh.

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh has got 15 years of experience in surgical oncology and laparoscopic surgery. She is currently a visiting consultant in both Apollo Spectra Hospitals and Sakra World Hospital. She has operated many film stars & VIPS, both at regional and national level.